Does your platform work for free or paid categories on Craigslist?

The Craigslist posting software only works with paid categories. We’d love to be able to post to the free categories but we have to follow the Craigslist guidelines in order to tie directly into their platform. And we’re kind of glad they don’t allow auto-posting to free categories or there would be a flood of ads ruining the site.

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Questions Other Users Asked

How do you post Craigslist ads in multiple cities?

The best method is to use a professional Craigslist posting service but that isn’t in everyone’s budget. In that case, you can still post to multiple cities manually with a free Craigslist account. You simply need to navigate to multiple Craigslist city sites to post the ads. The biggest challenge will be avoiding the Craigslist…

How do you search all of Craigslist with Google?

There are Google search operators that allow you to perform a search only on You need to include “” in your search query. This tells Google to only search Craigslist and no other website. Here is an examples search for all Craigslist below. Note that this will include all of the Craigslist city…

Why is my Craigslist hyperlink not working?

While Craigslist allows HTML codes, they are only allow links for some ad categories, like job postings and dealer tickets for sale.