Article on how to add a video preview to a Craigslist ad

How to Add Video to a Craigslist Ad

By Tyler Golberg / December 19, 2020

It technically isn’t possible to add video to a Craigslist ad but this workaround will get you very close. It’ll take a few steps but the end result will keep Craigslist users engaged and help you close more sales. How to Add the Video Link Upload video to your YouTube or Vimeo account. Take a […]

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Craigslist HTML guide

Craigslist HTML Guide and Cheat Sheet

By Tyler Golberg / July 26, 2020

Have you already looked at the official Craigslist HTML guide? It is super confusing and provides little context. Craigslist even admits they don’t really keep it up to date. Check the (infrequently updated) list of supported HTML for more details. I had to do some digging and testing but I was able to put together the […]

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Spotting Craigslist Scams - Featured Image

How to Spot Craigslist Scams and Spam

By Nate Auran / November 15, 2019

If you’ve heard the name ‘Craigslist’ before you are probably aware of what it is, even if you haven’t sold or purchased anything on it before. For many people this is their go-to source for finding a great deal. Selling anything really ranging from cars to event tickets, renting apartments, appliances, furniture, etc. For others […]

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Featured Image - The Best Craigslist posting services

The Best Craigslist Posting Service Options [compared]

By Tyler Golberg / November 13, 2019

A lot of companies seek out the help of a Craigslist posting service to help save time and be more effective at selling on the platform. While Craigslist still has a massive audience, the platform has done little to improve the selling experience for companies. If you need to post in multiple markets for several […]

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Formatting a Craigslist Ad

The Ultimate Guide on How to Format a Craigslist Ad

By Tyler Golberg / November 9, 2019

It’s no secret that presenting information in a structured, well-organized and clear fashion is often more effective than the alternative — especially when posting an item or service available for purchase. But when it comes to sites like Craigslist, it may seem like there is no simple way to lay out such information. And the […]

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