How to Add Video to a Craigslist Ad

Published: Dec 19, 2020 | Tyler Golberg | Last Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Article on how to add a video preview to a Craigslist ad

It technically isn’t possible to add video to a Craigslist ad but this workaround will get you very close. It’ll take a few steps but the end result will keep Craigslist users engaged and help you close more sales.

How to Add the Video Link

  1. Upload video to your YouTube or Vimeo account.
  2. Take a screenshot of the video on pause.
    • You’ll need this screenshot to create the “preview” image of the video for the Craigslist ad. Use the “PrtSc” key on a PC or Command+Shift+4 on a Mac.
  3. Upload the screenshot to
    • After the image is uploaded, click on “Full Size” and then copy the code from the middle box under HTML-Code. You’ll just need the image link in the middle portion, which should look something like this:
    • It is recommended that you resize you images to be about 500 pixels wide. is great for editing images if you need a free tool.
  4. Add the following HTML code to your Craigslist Ad where you want the video preview to show up. Be sure to replace the YouTube and Imgur links with your own links.

Example of the Video Preview Image in a Craigslist Ad

This will give an end result that looks like an embedded YouTube video. The good part of this strategy is that it is not tricking the Craigslist user since it is leading the intended video.

Example of a Craigslist Ad with a video preview
Example of a Craigslist ad that features a video link

Strategy Considerations

Make sure to add a great description to your video on YouTube/Vimeo as well. It is much easier to add links and calls to action on YouTube than it is on Craigslist, so take full advantage.

Consider adding a Craigslist emoji, symbol, or icon in the title to signal there’s a video. Online users love the option of watching a video. Plus, adding one of these symbols to your title can help draw attention to your ad:

🎥 🎦 🎞️ 📽️ 📺 

Keep in mind you can also link to a page on your own website with that YouTube video embedded. This can give you the most control over the user experience. Just make sure to keep the user’s best interests in mind when adding a video to a Craigslist ad so you can maximize quality leads.


Tyler Golberg

Tyler is a website strategist at CYBERsprout and one of the co-founders of Dealer Promoter Pro. When not writing about digital strategies, you can find Tyler hanging out with his kids, tinkering with robots, and playing hockey.

Questions Other Users Asked

Can you post videos on Craigslist?

The short answer is no but there are workarounds for categories that allow links. You can add an image that looks like a video preview that links to the video URL. It isn’t ideal but it is the only method for adding a video to a Craigslist ad.

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