The Best Craigslist Ad Posting Service Options Compared

Published: Nov 13, 2019 | Tyler Golberg | Last Updated: Jan 30, 2022

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A lot of companies seek out the help of a Craigslist posting service to help save time and be more effective at selling on the platform. While Craigslist still has a massive audience, the platform has done little to improve the selling experience for companies.

While we can only guess, the data available seems to suggest that draws about 300 million total visits per month as of 2021.

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If you need to post in multiple markets for several products, it can be a huge drain on team resources. Finding the best service for your company can make or break your sales efforts on the popular classifieds website.

When and Why You Need a Craigslist Posting Service

There are plenty of businesses that don’t need a 3rd party service providers to post for you on Craigslist. Most don’t in fact. If you’re only posting a handful of ads a month or don’t have a product that fits the marketplace, there are better avenues for reaching an audience.

However, if you’re wanting to post hundreds or thousands of times a month to reach millions of users, there are three general options: posting service, freelancer, or a software platform. Before jumping into the options, here is a quick checklist to see which Craigslist service is right for you:

  • How many times will you need to post a month?
  • How many products do you want to advertise?
  • Do you want to post in multiple markets?
  • Will you be able to effectively ship your product?
  • How does your product pricing compare to similar products on Craigslist?

We’re not going to get into specific companies or solutions because this is more of a high-level overview. We recommend that you thoroughly vet whichever you like best to make sure it is a good fit for your objectives.

Hire a Posting Service

Most companies simply want to increase sales efficiently but it is unpredictable when using an overseas team to keep costs low. The toughest part of going this route is picking a reputable team. A lot of times you simply need to test drive a company to see if it is a waste of money or an effective marketing strategy.


  • Save a lot of time
  • Consistency in your posts
  • Save money by utilizing free listings


  • These types of services are against Craigslist’s policy
  • Some categories, like car/truck ads, still charge cancelling out the savings
  • No real guarantee of service
  • Spamming Craigslist to get around restrictions
  • Over posting in free ads that can lead to bans or restrictions
  • Users expect to find items for sale by individuals, not businesses, in these areas
  • Language barriers as many of these teams are overseas

Unauthorized posting agents/services are prohibited.


Regardless of the promises these services make, it is can hurt your brand and product reputation if things go awry. Make sure to ask about the companies post policies, ad design, reporting, and refund policy for failed posts.

Use a Freelancer

If you’re not really digging hiring a company, another option could be to hire a freelancer. This could be a potentially cheaper option but you’ll need to invest more of your time. Most freelancers need more guidance. You have to clearly lay out your strategy, goals, and guidelines to ensure quality service.

You’ll find plenty of freelancers that simply go through the ad posting process without adding much value to your campaign. It is preferable if you can find a freelancer that is already an expert in Craigslist Marketing. It is best if you can work with an individual that can provide helpful feedback.


  • Save some time but have to put more time into training upfront depending on the experience level of the individual
  • Can be the cheapest option


  • No backup if the freelancer leaves for another opportunity
  • No guarantees for posting
  • No analytics unless you set up analytics manually

Try searching on Upwork, Fivver, Guru, Alignable, or Freelancer for relevant freelancers. A quick search on Upwork revealed a lot of different freelancers that specialize in Craigslist. Everything from simple ad posters to platform experts. Just make sure to be very clear in your requirements and objectives so you can match up with the right freelancer.

Hiring a Craigslist expert to post on your behalf
Searching for Craigslist ad posting experts on Upwork

Use Posting Software

Craigslist posting software has the widest range of possibilities. There are a number of cheap options that try to constantly cheat the system and come with little to no support. On the higher end, options are cost more but come with a lot more reliability and support.

There are two different buckets of software when it comes to Craigslist: black hat and white hat. Black hat platforms try to get around the rules of Craigslist to cut costs. The main problem with these platforms is that they are very unreliable, provide fewer features, and can cause more problems than they solve.

White hat platforms follow the rules of Craigslist and work with the system in place. They allow you to post in bulk without breaking the rules, which is worth it alone. These platforms are more expensive but worth the investment if you’re a professional marketer or salesperson. Also, when breaking down the time it takes to make a post, the cost of the service is typically less expensive than hiring someone to do it manually.

Craigslist posting software
Screenshot of software for posting on Craigslist

I’ve broken down the pros and cons of a reputable program that follows the Craigslist rules.


  • The most reliable option and most effective in regards to time
  • Helps to get you more prominent placing in the search results
  • The ability to post ads in bulk
  • Automatically posted ads on a schedule
  • Some have the ability to edit ads from their dashboard
  • Ability to format a Craigslist post easily
  • Ability to post ads to multiple cities/markets
  • Get better reach with optimized ads
  • Lots of features, like lead tracking and analytics


  • Higher cost because Craigslist requires these to be posted in the paid ads only
  • Platforms are sometimes restricted to specific categories
  • A lot of platforms don’t allow you to edit the ads after they’ve been posted

Can Dealer Promoter Pro help you sell more on Craigslist at scale?

Compare Service Options

Posting OptionInvestmentFeaturesCompliant?
Manual PostingMediumSome but very dependent on the
FreelancerLowAlmost none unless you give specific directionsMaybe
Posting SoftwareHighA lot depends on the platform but usually the most optionsMaybe

Questions About Craigslist Posting Services

Are businesses allowed to hire agencies to post Craigslist ads on their behalf?

The short answer is no. It is explicitly against the Craigslist policy.

Are software posting services allowed for Craigslist?

It depends on the platform. Some try to circumvent Craigslist spam measures to bulk post a lot of free ads, which is definitely not allowed. Other systems tie into the official Craigslist API, like Dealer Promoter Pro, in order to work with the platform and within the rules.

How much does it cost to hire a Craigslist posting service?

Services typically charge $1-10 per post plus the cost of the Craigslist fee, which ranges from $3-5 for most paid listings. Typically, the cheaper services try to cut corners and ignore the official post rules. Legitimate services will charge more but are very reliable.

Can you utilize the Craigslist API?

We talked to the Craigslist team and at this point in time, they don’t appear to be opening up the API to any new vendors.

Does Craigslist allow bulk posting software?

Yes, there are a few platforms that work off of the official Craigslist API that have features for bulking posting ads.

Can you hire a Craigslist posting service for car dealers?

Yes. A reputable software platform is the best choice for the car/truck Craigslist ad category. It also dealers to automate and manage ads in bulk.


Tyler Golberg

Tyler is a website strategist at CYBERsprout and one of the co-founders of Dealer Promoter Pro. When not writing about digital strategies, you can find Tyler hanging out with his kids, tinkering with robots, and playing hockey.

Questions Other Users Asked

Can you post videos on Craigslist?

The short answer is no but there are workarounds for categories that allow links. You can add an image that looks like a video preview that links to the video URL. It isn’t ideal but it is the only method for adding a video to a Craigslist ad.

Can car dealers use an inventory feed to automatically create vehicle listings on Facebook Marketplace?

As of September 13, 2021, Facebook changed its policy to where car dealership can no longer automatically feed in vehicle listing to Marketplace. Instead, dealers will now have to create listings manually through their Facebook page. The other option is to set up an inventory campaign to get listings as an ad placement. There are…

Do people still use Craigslist?

Yes, it is estimated that the Craigslist website traffic in 2021 is still north of 300 million visits per month. It is still a very popular place to sell products, services, real estate, and post job openings.

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