How do you use Craigslist search operators?

Craigslist search operators are a great way to do more advanced searches. We’ll go over the basics and how to use these search operators.

Use quotations to search for an exact phrase: “Ford truck”

Use a vertical bar to add an OR statement: “Ford truck”|”heavy-duty truck”

The above statement with search Craigslist for both statements within the quotations. This can be helpful for searching for products with multiple descriptors or names. For example: “skid loader”|”skid steer” or “skid loader|steer”

Quotations are not required for single keywords. For the above example, we could example on it to include skid loader attachments: attachment|”skid loader|steer”

The images below show an example of a regular search (left image) and the same search but with search operators included (right image).

Example of using Craigslist search operatorsRegular Craigslist search

Sometimes you’ll see results you don’t want to see at all. A hyphen can help you to remove certain keywords. For example, the search phrase “Ford truck” -150 will search for Ford trucks but exclude F-150’s. This same technique can be used with a quoted search phrase as well. Example: “Ford truck” -“F-150”

Instead of using the native search, you can also use Google operators to search all of Craigslist. Google supports a lot of search operators so it’ll give you more options. Here is an example of Google search for Craigslist only with operators. attachment|”skid loader|steer”

Example of searching Craigslist using Google search operators