What are the Craigslist posting limits?

The are several types of Craigslist posting limits; duration, posting frequency, number of images, and ad type. Here is a quick guide on these limits and restrictions to avoid getting your banned or ads ghosted.

Ad Duration Limit – Expiration

  • Paid ads expire after 30 days
  • Free ads can expire anywhere from 7-45 days depending on the category and/or city

Posting Frequency Limits

According to Craigslist, “You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours.” This limit is only for the free categories.

Paid ads are not limited in terms of frequency as long as you stay with the Craigslist terms. The biggest limitation here is the ability to automate or post ads in bulk.

Number of Images Limit

Craigslist has updated the limit to 24 photos per ad as of 2021 (up from 8). This is a lot of spots but be sure not to overuse this feature or incorrectly format your ad posting.

Limits to the Type of Ad

There are a number of types of ads that are strictly prohibited from being posted on Craigslist, like weapons, explosives, or hazardous materials.