Craigslist Frequently Asked Questions

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What fonts does Craigslist use?

The fonts uses are Times New Roman for the headings and Arial for the body text. Here are the details if you’re wanting to take a closer look. Site Title Font family: Times New Roman Fallback fonts: Times, Serif Font weight: 500 Font size: 31.33 pixels Main Heading Font family: Times New Roman Fallback […]

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What does it mean when you see “This posting is being blocked” on Craigslist?

Craigslist has anti-spam software that blocks specific users to prevent them from abusing the website. Why does Craigslist block these users? It is typically a result of posting too many ads in a short time span or posting ads outside of your local markets. Craigslist typically tracks this activity by logging your IP address. Aside […]

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What languages does Craigslist support?

Craigslist supports 14 different languages. In the order that they are listed on the language selector from Danish – Dansk German – Deutsch English Spanish – Español French – Français Italian – Italiano Portuguese – Português Finnish – Suomi Swedish – Svenska Vietnamese – Tiếng việt Turkish – Türkçe Russian – Pусский Chinese – […]

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How to change the language setting on Craigslist?

Is Craigslist showing up in a different language? Click on the drop-down in the upper right corner. Then select the correct language to fix the issue. Why did the language change on The default language can change for a variety of reasons. Here are the main causes: Link Variable – If you clicked on […]

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How to post a link on Craigslist 2020?

First, you need to make sure you are posting in a category that allows links. As of 2020, here are the categories that allow links: Job offered Gig Offered – I want to hire someone Resume or Job Wanted – I’m an individual seeking employment Resume or Job Wanted – I’m offering a job For […]

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Can I add links in Craigslist ads?

Yes and no. It depends on the category. We highlight which categories allow links in our Craigslist HTML guide.

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