Craigslist Frequently Asked Questions

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Does your platform work for free or paid categories on Craigslist?

The Craigslist posting software only works with paid categories. We’d love to be able to post to the free categories but we have to follow the Craigslist guidelines in order to tie directly into their platform. And we’re kind of glad they don’t allow auto-posting to free categories or there would be a flood of […]

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Can I use you platform to sell on my client’s behalf?

Yep! If you are a freelancer or agency, you can use on platform to advertise your client’s products or services on Craigslist. The only catch is that your name or business name will be attached to the ads because it’ll be posting from your Craigslist account.

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Does Craigslist allow and support HTML?

Yep. Craigslist allows basic HTML so you can properly format your Craigslist ads. Check out our full Craigslist HTML guide article to learn more.

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Can I use your platform to track leads and sales from ads I post on Craigslist?

Yep! We have a messaging feature that can be added onto the platform that will allow you to track emails, texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages. The platform can also be integrated into a number of popular CRMs. Need help managing the leads? This add-on will help you manage leads for your sales team. We […]

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Can your platform post to Facebook Marketplace?

Yep! We’ve added that feature on since first launching the platform. At the moment, the platform is approved for the vehicle and real estate categories. We haven’t added any info about this feature to the website yet but you can see it in action if you want to see a demo.

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How quickly can I post paid ads without them getting flagged?

You can post as many ads as you want instantly with our Craigslist software as long as your ad complies with the Craigslist terms of use. There is no flagging or ghosting because these are paid ads and we are a licensed and approved Craigslist vendor.

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